About Us


Our comprehensive line of FRP pipe products are API 15 HR and API 15 LR certified. Sizing ranges from 2” to 12” diameters for threaded API connections, and all the way to 36” and above for Bell and Spigot and specialty connections.

Our FRP piping systems are perfect for a variety of applications for the Industrial and Oil & Gas industries:

  • Flow lines and Emulsion Lines
  • Water Processing
  • Water Floods and Injection
  • Polymer Floods
  • Downhole Tubing and Casing
  • CO2 Injection
  • Brine and Salt Waste Water Management


Hanwei is the world leading experts in FRP pipe engineering. The production centre includes an advanced FRP engineering and technological centre. Hanwei’s commitment to R&D ensures client requirements are continually exceeded and meet the needs of a variety of applications.


Extensive testing and quality assurance regime for every FRP pipe product produced by Hanwei. FRP expertise is Hanwei’s core business, core technology and core intellectual property. Hanwei holds 25 patents for Hanwei developed FRP technologies.


Hanwei’s exclusive integrated production technology of resins, glass fibre, winding technology and curing processes create FRP pipe products and fittings that hold superior structural and pressure ability. Hanwei’s production lines utilize computer controlled technologies which was developed specifically by Hanwei to ensure applications are uniformly applied to meet and exceed the highest standards. Such systems also provide a range of structures that provide flexibility of joining methods depending on the type, size, rating and application of FRP pipe. Specific curing agent formulas developed by Hanwei saturate and impregnate the fibreglass more effectively reducing any air entrainment and maximizing product integrity.


Hanwei’s proprietary composite reinforced curing technology regulates the curing process during production maximizing material and structural integrity. Hanwei utilizes both IR external cured production and steam injected mandrels for internal cured production to ensure heat penetration is even and uniform creating superior integrity of its FRP products.