Comparison of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Pipe to Metal Pipe
Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic
Hanwei FRP Pipe Systems
Metal Pipes
Excellent. Qualified for transmission of highly corrosive substances
Poor. Corrosion and leakage easily formed.
Service Life Cycle
Long. 30 to 50 years
Short. Only 5 to 10 years
General Energy Consumption
50% GEC of steel pipe of same diameter and flow
High GEC
Friction Resistance
Smooth internal wall: low friction; low scale and low paraffin formation
Rough internal wall: high friction; high scale and high paraffin formation
Thermal Insulation performance
Low electrical conductivity: good insulation; little thermal heat loss
Poor insulation value, high thermal heat loss and subject to line freezing; electrical conductivity
Less weight; easy transportation and installation; transportation cost saving
Costly transportation and installation; needs large hoisting equipment on site for installation
No secondary pollution or leakage during the operation
Likely to result in secondary pollution during operation and numerous examples of leakage with subsequent environmental pollution impact
Lower installation cost. Better Value. Enduring performance.
Maintenance and repair costs. Downtime costs in operations.