Cobar Fibreglass has a wide range of sizes, pressure classes, and joining systems that will help customize your solution based fluid pressures, temperatures, and your mix and concentration of corrosive elements. All piping products are available in 2 different curing styles; Anhydride and Aromatic Amine. Anhydride is specified in most hydrocarbon flows lines and some water management solutions. Aromatic Amine is a more dense curing system that results in improved ability to handle temperature, high levels of corrosion, alkali polymer, and higher levels of chlorides.

Fibreglass Products
API Thread-Connecting Series

Sizes: 2” – 12”
Pressures: 500 psi to 3600 psi

RexBond (Bell and Spigot) Epoxy Joining Series

Sizes: 2” – 36”
Pressures: 145 psi to 750 psi

RexLock Key Connecting Series

Sizes: 2” – 36”
Pressures: 145 psi to 580 psi